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Advantech, a global leader of advanced IoT intelligence systems and embedded platforms, is pleased to announce the launch of its Visitor Thermal Screening System, as part of its AI-based infection prevention solutions, to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 in high-traffic and heavily populated environments. The system includes a thermographic smart camera, video AI facial recognition and thermal screening to perform a quick scan of people who could be at risk, without the need for them to wait in line to enter an office, mall, stadium, etc.

Advantech’s Visitor Thermal Screening System measures the human body temperate from a distance and quickly pinpoints individuals within a group of people who have abnormal temperatures. It also accurately catches the temperatures of people wearing masks. It features AI face detection that zeroes in on human face measurements to reduce false alarms made by other heat sources. The cameras bi-spectrum monitoring provides both thermal and optical image channels apart from temperature measurement. Additionally, a strobe light and audio alarm notify operators immediately when a person with an elevated body temperature passes by, and the manager dashboard instantly pops up a notification to inform operators that they should receive second screening and fill in the actions for future tracking.

During these unprecedented times, where COVID-19 data and guidelines are constantly in flux, Advantech’s Visitor Thermal Screening System is designed to guarantee companies are compliant and protected, while simultaneously reducing liability and ensuring the safety of employees and customers. The system’s unique design and cutting-edge AI-based technology provides the ideal solution for businesses looking to safely return to business as usual, without the need for time-intensive individual temperature checks in high-frequency environments.”

Patrick Chen, Product Management Supervisor, Advantech

The thermographic smart camera features a thermal sensor resolution of 160 x 120, a temperature range of 30 °C to 45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F) and temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. (± 0.9 °F) Optical maximum resolution is 2,688 x 1,520 and can detect up to 30 faces at a time. The thermal screening manager comes in three different versions and features the below capabilities:

  • Thermal Screen Manager Monitor – for quick entrance checks:
    • Bundled infection prevention CMS – thermal monitor
    • Up to four channels of camera monitoring
  • Thermal Screen Manager Standard – to check and manage the event detected:
    • Bundled infection prevention CMS – standard license
    • Up to four channels of camera monitoring and recording
    • Video files are stored via MicroSD card inserted in the camera slot
  • Thermal Screen Manager Pro – to check and manage the event detected with facial recognition:
    • Bundled infection prevention CMS – pro license
    • Up to four channels of camera monitoring, recording and recognition
    • Utilizes video AI facial recognition edge

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