AstraZeneca and Oxford University: Confirms immune response in elderly, phase 3 vaccine trial results in weeks – FXStreet

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AstraZeneca and Oxford University jointly developed COVID-19 vaccine-induced immune response in older adults in their phase 2 trial, the British drug makers confirmed Thursday.

Additional details

“AstraZeneca phase 2 study does not assess efficacy against COVID-19. “

“Results of phase 3 AstraZeneca vaccine trial expected in weeks.”

Market implications

Amid positive vaccine news coming in from Pfizer and Moderna, with over 90% efficacy in the clinical trials, the latest development from AstraZeneca is quite encouraging.

But it does little to impress to markets, which are unnerved by the growth of covid cases and new shutdowns across the globe.

S&P 500 futures stall its recovery, trading at 3,570, up 0.11% so far.

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