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Indian company has big claim on corona vaccine


  • BCG vaccine may be effective against Corona virus
  • Claim in American study, infection slows with BCG vaccine
  • Infection and death rate remain slow in first 30 days
  • BCG vaccine protecting a faction of doctors from Covid related problems


The BCG vaccine used for TB is also effective against the corona virus. American research paper has claimed that BCG slows the spread of infection in a community for at least the first 30 days. Research published in the journal Science Advances, on behalf of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, states that in countries where BCG vaccination is mandatory, ‘low infection and death rates’ in the first 30 days of Covid-19 outbreak. Has been recorded. Researchers estimated that if the US had made the BCG vaccine mandatory decades ago, there would have been only 468 deaths from Covid-19 by March 29. Which is 19% of the 2,467 deaths actually occurring till that date.

BCG vaccine protects against many infectious diseases

Countries like India and China, where BCG is included in the National Immunization Program, have lower death rates. A body of doctors believes that BCG is protecting the vaccine from problems associated with Covid. To protect against TB, children are vaccinated with BCG within 15 days from birth. This vaccine also protects the child from many more infectious diseases. Ever since the propagation of the corona virus began eight months ago, there has been much discussion about the effect of the BCG vaccine on it.

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Data from 134 countries were analyzed in American Study. An increase in daily confirmed cases was checked in the first 30 days of the outbreak. “The mandatory BCG vaccine and the connection to the Covid-19 infection curve were flat,” the researchers said. However, researchers said that BCG is not a ‘magic bullet’.

So much fear of corona virus, trillions of dollars burned in ovenSo much fear of corona virus, trillions of dollars burned in oven

Doctor’s opinion divided

Public Health Expert Dr. Anant Bhan said that saying that BCG vaccine protects against Covid-19 does not seem to be more scientific. He said, “It seems a speculation right now because India and Brazil, where BCG vaccines are put in place, are currently getting a large number of cases.” Dr. Shashank Joshi, dean of the Indian College of Physicians, said, “BCG is important in making immunity and is a role in stopping kovid. It is believed to be the example of Portugal where BCG vaccines are used, while in neighboring Spain many of Corona More cases were seen.

The Maharashtra government is conducting a clinical trial to see the effect of BCG vaccine on Covid-19 patients. The trial is being conducted on 250 patients in 18 medical colleges. This may result in the next two to three months.

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