Cardiac CT can screen for osteoporosis with little change to radiology workflows – Health Imaging

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Cardiac CT exams normally reserved to assess patients’ heart health can also effectively screen for osteoporosis, according to new research published in Radiology.

Danish physicians tested this approach in nearly 1,500 individuals who underwent a scan for heart disease, along with an added bone mineral density test. Together, the exams identified patients with low BMD, with a subset later diagnosed with an osteoporosis-related fracture.

Lead author Josephine Therkildsen, MD, with Herning Hospital in Denmark, says incorporating bone density testing into heart CT exams is quick and can flag those with weakened bones who may benefit from earlier treatment.

“Osteoporosis is a prevalent, under-diagnosed and treatable disease associated with increased morbidity and mortality,” Therkildsen added in a Tuesday statement. “Effective anti-osteoporotic treatment exists and so, identifying individuals with greater fracture rate who may benefit from such treatment is imperative.”

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