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The primary objective of this 4-volume book series is to educate PharmD students on the subject of medicinal chemistry. The book set Medicinal Chemistry for Pharmacy Students serves as a reference guide to pharmacists on aspects of chemical basis of drug action. The volumes are divided primarily based on the organ system and/or pharmacological basis of drug actions.

The first volume ‘The Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Metabolism’ presents 8 chapters focusing on basic background information to build a firm knowledge base of medicinal chemistry by introducing important fundamental chemical concepts, clinically important biosynthetic pathways and drug metabolism. The other volumes comprising of 8 to 9 chapters each discuss in depth topics on pharmacological and chemical basis of drug action, ADMET outcomes, Drug-Interactions, and Adverse effects.

Volume 2 ‘Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs Affecting the Nervous System’ discusses the drugs affecting the nervous system in a clear and easily understandable manner for pharmacy and other health science students. The standout feature of this book is the layout of concepts in smaller volumes, pertinent to the areas of interest of the readers. It will also offer students the opportunity to educate themselves in a stepwise manner starting from a thorough discussion of fundamental concepts, and then progressing to advanced levels. Another practical aspect of the book is that all concepts in any of the three major sections are illustrated clearly with diagrams or figures with the keywords highlighted, bulleted or numbered. Wherever needed, special boxes and case studies are included. In addition, each chapter is reinforced with study guides and practice problems.

Each chapter includes a thorough discussion of key physicochemical parameters of therapeutic agents and how they affect the biochemical, pharmacological, pharmacokinetic processes and clinical uses of therapeutic agents.

Volume 2 serves as a comprehensive resource of medicinal chemistry and drug action for pharmacy students as well as other health science students and educators.

The medicinal chemistry concepts of each drug class are illustrated by appropriate drug structures and relevant case studies. Drugs widely prescribed have been used as examples to reinforce the concepts.

The materials included in this book are suitable for college and university instructors in their classes and are being tested on continually by the series editors.



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