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One in six people in the UK say they are unlikely or definitely will not get a Covid-19 vaccination when one becomes available, according to a survey by King’s College London and Ipsos Mori.

According to PA, the survey results reflect a greater scepticism about science and authority, and reduced concern about the pandemic.PA reported:

The study, based on 2,237 interviews with UK residents aged 16-75, found that one in five (20%) would be fairly likely to have a coronavirus vaccine if one becomes available, while one in six (16%) said they are unlikely to have it or definitely will not.

Of those questioned, 53% said they would be certain or very likely to get a vaccine against the virus.

Higher proportions of the following groups say it is doubtful they would get a vaccine, or say they definitely will not – those who believe face masks are bad for people’s health (37%); those who believe masks do not reduce the spread of Covid-19 (34%); those who think the Government only wants people to wear them as a way of controlling the public (34%).

Others include those who strongly agree that too much fuss is being made about the pandemic (36%), those who say they do not find coronavirus stressful (27%), and those who say they are not worried about lifting lockdown restrictions (24%).

Other groups include those who say they are very much the kind of person for whom it is important to make their own decisions (24%), and who say they are not at all the kind of person who follows the rules at all times (24%), those who say they do not trust scientific experts more as a result of how they have helped during the crisis (33%), and those who believe the UK Government acted too slowly to control the spread of Covid-19 (27%).

There is also an age divide in the likelihood of getting vaccinated, with 16-24s (22%) and 25-34s (22%) twice as likely as 55-75s (11%) to say they are unlikely to do so or definitely will not.

Where people’s knowledge comes from is a factor too, with 27% of those who say they get a great deal of information on Covid-19 from WhatsApp saying they are unlikely to, or definitely will not, get a vaccine.

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