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The European Medicines Agency does not favor a single vaccine against the coronavirus, but seven. “There are Chinese, American, Russian vaccines … in short, everyone is in the race, and above all, the analyzes are done along the way.“, explains journalist and doctor Damien Mascret on the 20 Hours set, Saturday 14 November.

The European Medicines Agency “has done accelerated procedures, so be careful, that does not mean that we are obviously botching, not only the evaluation of the efficacy, nor the safety of the vaccine. It simply means that we analyze the data as we go along so that when the day comes, when the file is submitted, we can analyze it and already give an authorization, sometimes even a temporary authorization.“, he continues. The doses should be ready quickly. The States”donated money to laboratories” and have “make pre-orders“, which allowed the laboratories to start production. If the results are confirmed, vaccine distributions could begin as early as January 2021 for targeted audiences.

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