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Mental Health: Here Are Some Ways To Help Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety may affect your mood and day to day activities


  • Anxiety can make you feel a variety of emotions
  • Taking to someone can help control anxiety symptoms
  • Regular exercise plays a role in improving overall mental health

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness, worry, constant apprehension or discomfort usually pertaining to uncertain outcomes in the future like- what will happen. Almost everyone feels anxious as a reaction to certain past, present or future events. It is absolutely normal to experience occasional anxiety. But an anxiety disorder is different. If you are experiencing anxiety too often and it has started affecting your day to day activities, then you might need professional help. According to WHO, one out of every thirteen individuals suffers from anxiety disorder but only one person out of four sufferers, seek professional help. To understand the symptoms of anxiety and how to help someone with anxiety we spoke to Dr. AD Goyal who is MBBS, MD in Psychiatry at HopeQure Wellness Solutions. Also, know what not to do in a panic attack.

Anxiety: How to help someone with anxiety

What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

Symptoms of anxiety may vary from individual to individual. Common symptoms include heavy breathing, increased heart rate, recurrent thoughts, sweating, trembling, trouble sleeping, hampered concentration, gastro-intestinal trouble. A research report suggests in the year 2017, 197.3 million people had mental disorders in India, including 45.7 million with depressive disorders and 44.9 million with anxiety disorders.

If these symptoms are making an individual dysfunctional, anxiety might take up the shape of disorders such as GAD, panic disorder, separation anxiety, social phobia and other specific phobias.

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Anxiety can make it difficult to fall asleep and may lead to insomnia
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How to help someone with anxiety?

If you really wish to help a friend or loved one going through anxiety avoid firing questions at them, hold back giving any kind of advice, just listen to them patiently provide them support through your presence. Accompany them to get some fresh air and encourage them to try deep breathing and relaxation exercises. Understand their triggers, educate yourself about it and motivate them to seek professional help. “Your mere presence and a helping hand can make them feel comfortable and secure physically and emotionally. Give them a blanket and a glass of water to sit and relax, listen to them and hear out their feelings,” says Dr. Goyal.

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Things not to do in anxiety or panic attack

Be empathetic, refrain from using sentences such as ‘they are doing it for attention’. If someone experiences symptoms of anxiety, consider avoiding oily and fried food, take healthy and easy to digest food. Avoid rigorous workout, slow down or take a break. Alcohol, smoking, drug, excessive gadget use or any other kind of addiction will only make it worse. If you feel addicted then quitting at once can cause anxiousness.


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Don’t surround the person, give them space to breathe, offer them some water and assist them to drink sip by sip and get them in contact with a mental health professional as early as possible.

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