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A lot of countries have initiated a second lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus as many areas observed a second wave with the onset of the winter season. However, one specific area has imposed one of the toughest lockdowns.

South Australia has imposed a strict lockdown as per which nobody is allowed to step out of the house, not even for exercising or walking their pets.

The state is trying to contain the widespread of the novel coronavirus after twenty-three people in the state capital Adelaide got infected by a cleaner who was responsible for helping people quarantine when they arrive in the state from across the borders.

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This spread of virus sent the entire state in a strict lockdown as the government is aiming to finish off the infections using the circuit breaker method.

“We want to go hard, go early, but get out of it as quickly as we can,” State Premier Steven Marshall said.

The authorities have asked people to stay indoors at all times. Only one member of the family will be allowed to step out of the house once in a day, only for essential work, and only on the condition of wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing. Other than that, all schools, cafes, restaurants and universities have been closed down on a temporary basis. The residents are also not allowed to step out for their daily exercises or for even walking their pets.

Majority of the infected people have not shown any symptoms and the State Premier is worried the virus may be circulating through surfaces. “It’s a real worry, especially because people who become infected are not showing the typical symptoms that we are used to,” Marshall said.

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