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Help protect against the second wave


Experts say that with its help, such people can be better treated and are more likely to become infected by an infection in the event of a second wave. Apart from a persistent cough, fever or no smell, headaches and diarrhoea are also its symptoms. Researchers have studied this thing, there are special characteristics particularly.

Different COVID-19, different symptoms


To this end, they linked the March and April data of 1600 patients from the US and the UK. Subsequently, it was found that 6 different COVID-19s cause 6 different symptoms. These gradu ally become severe. One does not have a fever, one has a fever and one has diarrhoea after fever. Apart from this, problems related to fatigue, confusions and stomach-breath are also due to different reasons. The team says that people of old age, increased weight and any other disease should be troubled.

Will know how to treat


The team has prepared a model based on which it can be understood in which category the patient falls. With this, depending on their age, gender, body mass index and earlier diseases, it can be decided whether to hospitalize them or not. With this help Warning can also be given to who may need intensive care.

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