Queensland scientists begin COVID-19 vaccine trial after whittling down thousands of applications – Newshub

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“Today makes me proud to be a Queenslander. Our vaccine – made in Queensland by Queenslanders – could save millions of lives throughout the world.”

Volunteers will be examined for their immune responses to the virus and for possible symptoms as the trial continues.

Trial volunteer Helen said she’s excited to be a part of something that could significantly help the world.

“If it means that we can get a vaccine out there sooner, that’s fantastic. To get the world back to normal, to get people working, to get people back to seeing their families.”

Another volunteer, Christian Fercher, said he wanted to “give something back” to the community who were impacted by the virus.

“Seeing so many people are out of jobs and are basically affected financially and also personally… I wanted to help us get out of this as fast as possible,” he said.

Professor Paul Young, a leading researcher at the university, said they aren’t sure when the vaccine will be ready but they are aiming for the middle of 2021.

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