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The fur industry is an incredibly cruel form of animal exploitation. Animals, like minks and foxes, are kept in tiny, unsanitary cages where they suffer extreme mental and physical distress. On fur farms, they are “beaten, gassed, electrocuted, and possibly skinned alive.” Some animals are caught in the wild using painful traps and then are left to suffer without food or water until they are finally killed days later. All this suffering for a simple coat, scarf, or pair of gloves that could easily be made with faux fur or another ethical alternative.

Ricky Gervais has said, “If you buy fur then you buy cruelty. Beautiful, innocent, intelligent animals, tortured to death for fashion. Shame on you. Disgusting. I stand with In Defense of Animals against the cruel fur trade.” Stand with him and In Defense of Animals against the terrible fur industry by taking part in Fur Free Friday.

Fur Free Friday is a demonstration that takes place every Black Friday. Activists spend the day educating people, convincing them to not buy fur, and calling for an end to the fur industry. This Fur Free Friday In Defense of Animals is asking people to urge both Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus to stop selling fur. Because of the pandemic, Fur Free Friday 2020 is virtual, meaning everyone, no matter where they are, can get involved. Share your support for putting an end to the fur industry and going #furfree on social media. Make sure to tag @saks and @neimanmarcus

Let’s put an end to the cruel fur trade!

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