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A Singaporean woman who was infected with the coronavirus in March, when she was pregnant, has given birth to a baby with Covid-19 antibodies, according to DW.

Celine Ng-Chan told that her son was born this month with antibodies against the virus and that her doctor suspected that she had transferred them to him during the pregnancy.

The World Health Organization says it has not yet been established whether a pregnant woman with Covid-19 can pass the virus to her baby.

Doctors in China have reported that antibodies in babies born to women with the coronavirus tended to decline over time. Meanwhile, a medical study published by US doctors last month found that transmission of the virus from mothers to newborns is rare. 

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Over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian doctors confirmed 12,978 new cases of Covid-19, including 599 children and 408 medics. This is mentioned on the Telegram channel Coronavirus_Info.

1,639 people have been taken to hospitals during this period; 120 patients deceased, and 4,243 recovered. 49,180 tests have been taken.

Most of the confirmed cases have been observed in Kyiv city (1,740), Odesa (1,280), Dnipropetrovsk (1,164), Zaporizhzhia (854), and Kyiv (782) regions. 

722,679 people have got sick since the pandemic began in Ukraine. 339,378 recovered.

As we reported earlier, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov stated that the introduction of a total lockdown could reduce the overall number of coronavirus cases in Ukraine to zero.

From the point of view of epidemiology, the introduction of strict quarantine and the rupture of the entire chain of the disease’s transmission, i.e. reducing to almost zero communication between people, is the best way, from the point of view of epidemiology, to reduce the incidence of Covid-19, well, it can be reduced to zero,” the minister said.

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