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Skincare tips: Vitamin A plays a significant role in promoting overall health It is important for your skin as well. Read here to know how it is beneficial for your skin and ways to use this with food sources.

Skincare: The Role Of Vitamin A For Skin, Explains Dermatologist; Know How To Use And Food Sources

Skincare tips: Vitamin A can help you fight multiple skin issues


  1. A healthy diet can help prevent skin issues
  2. Vitamin A can help control inflammation
  3. You can use vitamin A based skin care products

Healthy and glowing skin can be achieved with appropriate changes in your skincare routine and diet. Not many are aware of the vital role diet plays in promoting skin health. Several foods can help in controlling skin-related problems and help you achieve glowing skin. Optimum levels of vitamins and minerals can help boost skin health including your skin. The benefits of vitamin C and E for skin are quite famous. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of vitamin A for the skin. Dr. Hasmukh Shroff, Senior Dermatologist at Saifee Hospital explains the importance of vitamin A for skin.

Skincare tips: Vitamin A for skin

Dr. Shroff explains, “Vitamin A promotes the healing process. It supports the immune system and provides natural moisturisation to the skin. By keeping the skin hydrated, vitamin A helps you achieve a radiant glow. Vitamin A also contains antioxidant properties that support the formation of the skin and helps in repairing too. It also assists the outer two layers of the skin, epidermis and dermis. Anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin A help in controlling skin problems. Skin diseases in which vitamin A helps are acne, psoriasis and it is also used in photo-ageing.”

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Skincare: Vitamin A can help you control acne
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How to use vitamin A for skin

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in several foods. It helps boost vision, immunity and reproductive health. It also helps in boosting the health of heart, lungs, kidney and other organs. Both animal-based and plant-based food sources can help you receive vitamin A including salmon, dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and eggs, fish and cod liver oil. Some plant-based food sources are- carrots, tomatoes, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables and broccoli. You can choose products that contain vitamin A like creams or moisturiser.


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