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The UK‘s longest-suffering coronavirus patient has finally managed to overcome the virus, having spoken out about her recovery after 130 days in hospital – including 105 days when she was on a ventilator.

Fatima Bridle, 35, first became unwell after she flew back from Morocco, and within days was barely able to breathe.

Doctors confirmed she had the virus and Fatima was taken to Southampton General Hospital on 12 March, only to be moved to intensive care six days later – with a nurse telling her husband Tracy that she was now ‘fighting for her life’.

Fatima was in a coma for 40 days and throughout her treatment would not only have to battle the virus, but also pneumonia and sepsis, as well as having a tracheotomy.

Fatima Bridle. Credit: Facebook
Fatima Bridle. Credit: Facebook

Now she is on a recovery ward and hopes to be home soon to be reunited with Tracy, 56, who has not seen her in person since she went into hospital.

Saying those who cared for her are ‘incredible’, Fatima told The Sun: “I would like to thank every one of the doctors and nurses who have given me a chance of a new life. I am happy to be here. It feels like a dream.”

Ex-soldier Tracy, who also felt unwell after they returned from Morocco, said of his wife: “She’s my medical miracle. To be on a ventilator that long and survive is extraordinary. I can’t wait to see her again.”

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He added: “Fatima said the doctors and everyone on the ward have been amazing and the world needs to know about this story to give people hope.”

Fatima's husband Tracy. Credit: Facebook
Fatima’s husband Tracy. Credit: Facebook

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Fatima’s story was a testimony to our brilliant NHS, adding: “I’m absolutely thrilled by this news.

“It proves that no matter who you are, the NHS is there for you and your family.”

Infectious diseases expert Dr Bharat Pankhaniasaid: “It is brilliant that this lady is alive and has received such great care.”

Pankhania also explained: “Going on a ventilator can be hit and miss. It breathes for you, but you are essentially asleep so lose muscle mass.

“There is every likelihood she will recover but like other Covid patients it will be important to check on her heart, kidneys and muscles.”

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